February 24, 2024


Student Sponsorship Program

Thank you for your interest in BROKEN HEARTS MINISTRIES’ student sponsorship program. We are excited to see our children have the opportunity to attend school and hopefully break the bond of poverty in their lives.

Over the years we have assisted many students with various school expenses but a number of years ago we began a sponsorship program that focuses more specifically on children attending Junior High and High School. There are many expenses for attending grade school, but most families are able to struggle through them. However costs escalate as the students enter Junior High and High School. Many families are simply not able to afford the added expenses and too many kids will not continue, or the financial burden can put an overwhelming stress on the family.

We interview each student along with their parents and explain our expectations of them for the school year and what they can expect from us. Both the student and parents sign a contract which explains those expectations; what we will provide for, and what their responsibility is. We stay in touch with each student throughout the year to stay on top of things. All report cards have to be turned in to us and if they have any grade below 80% they are required to attend our tutoring sessions. Our tutor is a local high school teacher who holds the sessions in our ministry building, which is within walking distance for all the students. We require the students maintain an 80% average in order to continue to receive support. Of course, exceptions can be made if the student has a particular reason for not being able to maintain the 80%, such as a learning disability or difficult home environment.

The expenses we cover under the program are for: Registration, uniforms (both gym and regular), shoes (street and gym), book bag, utilities (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.), and a number of miscellaneous items which would include tutor/staff pay, internet access, special books or equipment, graduation expenses, etc.

The annual cost of supporting each student can vary according to the individual need, but is approximately:

$400 for Junior High
$500 for Senior High

We now have had a number of who have graduated and set out to continue in college. It's a huge commitment for the student and family. For qualifying college students we proved a weekly allowance of just $20 per week to help them with things like bus fees, lunch, and other incidentals.
The annual cost of providing this help for a college student is $800.

If you would like to support this vital part of our work here in Juarez you can either choose to support a Junior high, High School or College student or provide financial support to the miscellaneous student fund which helps us provide for unexpected needs for students who are not fully supported by someone.


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