May 30, 2024
Our Vision
Through prayerfully seeking God’s plan for our lives, and the experience of several short-term mission trips, He called us to minister full time to the people of Juarez, Mexico. As a mission organization we work both independently and cooperatively with other ministries and churches. The ultimate purpose of this work is to make disciples through Bible studies, mentoring, and counseling while also showing Christ's love through helping meet physical needs for food, housing, education, medical, and other assistance. We have a burden for building community among the believers in our area and emphasize fellowship with one another and involvement in their local churches. Another key aspect of our ministry is to involve the U.S. churches by organizing short-term work projects and ministry in which they may participate. A multiple blessing occurs with these trips. First, the people in Mexico are blessed by receiving help with housing or another need. Second, the fellowship and outpouring of love for one another is incredible and honors God.(remember the true community exhibited in Acts 2:42-47.) The third blessing is when the people who come to work are blessed by having their hearts broken for God's people in need, their own brothers and sisters in Christ, and the conviction of our call to respond. Our lives cannot be the same once we have an encounter with God like this.