April 23, 2024

Staff and Partners

 Jim and Peggy Warren, Directors/Missionaries. Jim and Peggy are the founders and directors of Broken Hearts Ministries.  They live in Juarez, Mexico and serve as missionaries. Their home and main facility for Broken Hearts Ministries serves as the office, the work shop, the food pantry, and the dormitories for visiting groups.

You can reach Jim and Peggy at: jpeewarren@hotmail.com


Lorena Alfaro, native Juarez Staff/Missionary. A local to the City of Juarez, Lorena serves with BHM teaching and leading Bible studies and discipleships.  She is also consistently practicing the ministry of mercy,  taking food to those in need, or spending time with the sick.  We thank God for Lorena, and how He is using her and the ministry for His glory. 

Adrian and Diana Payan, native Juarez Staff/Missionaries.
Born and raised in Ciudad Juarez, Adrian and Diana are involved servants in multiple aspects of Broken Hearts Ministries. Together they are part of our Youth Ministry team, leading teaching and discipleship with the teenagers in our local community. Adrian also spends his days working on the home repair and construction aspect of our mercy ministries, and is a key part in leading and working with the short-term missionary groups that come to serve. Also serving in so many aspects of ministry, Diana is a crucial part of the women's ministries involving Broken Hearts.



Veronica Silva Ramirez, local Juarez Staff/Missionary.
Vero is a local staff person with Broken Hearts Ministries.  She assists in many parts of ministry throughout the week such as woman's Bible study, lady's coffee house fellowship, home visits, and much more, but her main responsibility is for almost 50 students we support in junior high and high school. Taking them shopping for shoes, uniforms, and supplies, getting them registered, keeping track of  their grades is a big job! Vero is a key partner in ministry to the folks here in Juarez.

Janet Kimball, volunteer staff.
Janet is a behind the scenes, necessary part of Broken Hearts Ministries, processing
all of the donations that come into the ministry. She ensures that the funds are deposited into their designated accounts, receipts are printed and sent, and good records are kept.  Her husband Mike also helps with the many trips to the bank and the post office each month.  Janet is a QuickBooks Specialist and an asset to the ministry.

If you need to contact Janet personally about a donation or receipt you can email her at: mpkimball@juno.com


Eli and Lulu Warren, Missionaries. Having grown up on the El Paso/Juárez border, Eli and Lulu serve in multiple areas of BHM’s work in México. One of those areas is with our Youth Ministry team as they focus on teaching, discipling and community development with our local teenage demographic.

Feel free to contact Eli and Lulu at bhmjuarez@gmail.com


Lety Arvizo, native Juarez Staff/Missionary. With all of the events, Bible studies, fellowship and prayer times, and discipleship groups that happen in our dedicated ministry building, there falls a great amount of responsibility for organization, cleaning and upkeep. Lety ensures that every week, every class, event, or gathering is equipped with the materials, facilities, or time necessary. Also spending much time visiting individuals in their homes, Lety shares her days with the community, in prayer and encouragement. She is a blessing to the local community and to the staff of Broken Hearts Ministries.