June 21, 2024
Short Term Missions Trips


  We provide the opportunity for people to get involved in hands on projects and other ministry through week long missions trips. Our visiting groups stay with us in Juarez in a comfortable, safe, and secure facility. Apart from blessing a family by helping with their housing needs, there are always opportunities to have fellowship with the local believers and to build lasting relationships.
  Much of the ministry that we do is often construction related, but if a group has a particular gift, and would like to minister through drama, children's ministry, women's ministry, or another ministry, we want to work with them to use their gift.  For construction projects we purchase all materials here on the border and we have the tools that we need. Occasionally visitors will bring a few tools to use while they are here, or to donate.   
  We are a close, low cost alternative to traveling overseas or further south into Latin America. We do not require a minimum number for a visiting group, but we recommend bringing at least three or four people. We always suggest working with your local church to generate interest in a short term trip.  We recommend that the minimum age should be 13, but we are always open to discuss younger children accompanying their parents. We also recommend a maximum number of 18 in the group, but again we can talk about it if you end up with a few more volunteers.

  The fee schedule we ask per individual coming to visit is:

          1-4 persons      $650
          5-10                   $600
          11+                    $575 
This covers all expenses once you arrive in El Paso, including transportation to and in Mexico, project materials, food, and housing. If you drive to El Paso we provide a secure area to leave your vehicle. Note: 100% of the fees used for your trip go back into the community through projects and other ministries. None of the fees are used to otherwise support the organization. 

  Passports are required by the U.S. government to return to the U.S.  A government issued photo ID is necessary while in Mexico. (ie. drivers license).

 Please pray with other members and leaders in your church about this opportunity. It is a vital piece of our work here and is a not only a blessing to the local people of Juarez, Mexico, it is a blessing to those visiting from the U.S. church.

 There are more details to discuss when you begin to plan a trip. The best way to begin is to email or call us in order to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.


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