July 20, 2024
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Making Disciples, Bible Studies, mentoring, counseling: Through on-going Bible study groups for Men, Women, Couples, and their children we seek to follow the Great Commission in making disciples; followers of Christ equipped to be a light in their own communities and families. Building close relationships, mentoring and counseling are how most of our ministry time is spent. This area of Mexico suffers from many social woes and extreme financial crisis, but the root of need of the families here is spiritual. It’s our desire and Biblical call to see lives transformed; physically and spiritually. (Romans 12)  As we address the spiritual needs, the social issues improve, (all be it slow sometimes) and their quality of life improves with a little help from supporters and through making better choices of their own.

 Student Sponsor Program: Education is one key tool needed to break the chain of poverty. School in Mexico is not free and many families simply can’t support their children much beyond grade school. Our sponsor program connects a supporter, either individual or group, with a particular student. The sponsor provides all funds necessary for either a junior high or high school age student to graduate. Some even help students continue in college. Beside the financial support for things like tuition, uniforms, shoes, and supplies, we provide a tutor to help students with their school work and we hold them and their parents accountable to do the best they can. See the “Student Sponsorship” page for more information.

 Short term mission trips: We provide the opportunity for people to get involved in hands on projects and other ministry through week long mission trips. Our visiting groups stay with us in Juarez in a comfortable, safe, and secure facility. There are always opportunities to have fellowship with the local believers and to build lasting, life changing relationships. Besides blessing a family with help with their housing needs we can always plan other ministry programs or outreach suited to the particular gifts of a visiting group. For example music, drama presentations, Kids clubs, Puppet shows, etc. Click on the “Short Term Trips” line on the main menu for more information on how you can get involved in this exciting work.

 Youth Outreach: Much like a regular church youth group, our team of youth leaders hold a Bible study and fellowship time with a group of teenagers in our local colonies of Juarez. Gang and Cartel activity is a harsh reality in the areas that we serve, and they are always looking to increase in number by recruiting the local youth. We seek to develop meaningful relationships through our Bible studies, fellowship times, and community service opportunities. Our vision is to encourage our youth to follow Christ and be a light in this community. 

 Mercy Ministries: We often describe Broken Hearts Ministries as a “Mercy Ministry”. The point is that we serve in a very physically needy area. Through the financial support we receive by faith God uses BHM to help families through some of their toughest situations. The list is endless. It may simply be that someone needs some groceries once in a while or it may be medicine or transportation to a doctor. It may be repairing a lock on a door or even building an entire house. We always remain open to step in where God leads. Throughout the New Testament we see the example Jesus set before us. Scriptures like Matthew 25:14-46 and many others make it very clear we cannot simply preach the Good News and not demonstrate the compassion and mercy of Christ.

Most of the financial support for Mercy Ministries comes through designated giving and through visiting short term groups. The food pantry we maintain is just one example of an area where folks can donate food or funds to buy food. Building projects or support for a medical need are other examples of designated support.


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